Processing Nerdlet Nerd Maternity


Let the world know of the impending nerdlet!



Some say Nerds are born some say they are made but most come with the glasses and pocket protectors already installed and if you, the mom are a nerd and the father is a nerd, modern genetics predicts your child will be a nerd too.

So we created this just for moms or moms to be or a dad could get one to surprise his wife and mother to be or a sister or brother, aunt, uncle, grandma, second cousin, on your Uncle Aunt Louie on your Dad’s side. Or even that weird family friend who is kinda the family but not the family but gets you really odd Christmas presents and you celebrate Channuka that everyone just calls cousin bob and kinda looks like Bill Murray could buy one of these cool soon to be e-xpecting nerd moms maternity t-shirts.

The Processing Nerdlet tee in Light blue if its a boy and you want to share the news or Light Pink if its a girl and again you want to share the news that your baby is a female nerd or you can get it in heather grey if you dont know or dont want others to know. In any event this tee is guaranteed to let every one know you are making a new nerd!

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Weight 0.272155422 lbs

Dark Heather Grey, Light Blue, Light Pink


2X-Large, X-Large, Large, Medium, Small, 3X-Large


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