What is DTG printing anyway

Getting involved with direct to garment printing has been very much a learning curve I have over 15 years n the screen print industry and another 20 as the web developer and graphic artist. Learning how to do art for T-shirts so that it prints well on colored tees using a direct to garment printer which can yield almost photographic results has been the hardest part of creatng the nyrdgasm brand.

Apparently one of my designs that was just purchased as a T-shirt recently (the wolf my force my rules t-shirt) had a glow around it that would not work well with DTG.  I was notified via email by Devin Long one of the support personnel from my print fullfillment company Print Aura that this was the case. I had been wondering whether this design would be a problem and sure enough it was a problem.  I quickly acted to redo the artwork so that it had no glow so that the shirt would print well.

I then made it a point to dig even deeper about direct to garment printing and how to design for it. I was grateful Print Aura support personnel were willing to contact me and let me know if there is an issue with a design. Their response to my thank email was that they have many customers who argue with them, the professionals, about how to do the direct garment printin… Which I just found extremely silly on the part of these customers. I would never argue with the support or the employees of Print Aura because they know their business as I know mine. I will always take the lead when I know something about something but when I’m in deep and trying to create quality products and incredible designs for people to want to wear it (a very personal choice mind you) I’m going to defer to the company that I’ve chosen and their knowledge and expertise.

As I was searching Google for images to show me what good designs look like when done properly using direct to garment printing versus screen printing I came across this article on it from Impresions magazine that explains a lot about direct to garment printing and the ink that is used is translucent and water based and how the under base of white is printed on dark colored shirts. It was enlightening and was extremely educational. Like I said at the beginning of this post I have over 15 years in the screen print industry in every department and I understand the screen print very well whether spot color or CMYK but DTG is a whole new animal for me. The prints are softer to the feel, more comfortable and if the shirt was pre-treated right the design should last for many many washings. This is why I chose to go this route representing my artwork for people to wear  and why I chose Print Aura as my DTG print fullfillment company.

As a final note I’d like to take the space for a special shout out to Devin Long at Print Aura for his kindness, expertise and patience with me.

Hey f you like to know more about direct to garment printing read this article from Impressions magazine I did and it was absolutely eye opening.

Effective DTG Printing on Dark-Colored Garments

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