Sci Fi SF or Science Fiction

How ever you tag your favorite genre its hot and forward thinking and its completely nerdy and geeky and in a good way. Its a mirrror held up to our own society.

Music Hath Power to Soothe the Savage

Often misquoted but nevertheless it is true. Music is the universal language and has power to create, destroy, lift you up or put you in the deepest depression. rest easy our shirts we are sure are going to be a positive influence on your music and life

Games, Gaming, Gamer

Gaming and games have been a big part of our society and video games even more so hate them or love them they are here to stay. gamers are passionate whether they are playing a first person shooter or a fighting game or even rocking out to their favorite song or chasing ghosts and dots on a game grid however you game Gamers Rulez!

Dolphins are our friends

Not just dolphins either we love, dogs, cats, elephants, horses, pigs, cows, all creatures great and small and we love that you love animals too grab one of our animal friendly shirts and show your love for our finny and furry friends!

Nerd lyfe, nyrdgasm, nerd core. It is all about loving the things you are into.

We Proudly present the The Nyrdgasm 2018 Line

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Welcome to Nyrdgasm!

You are a nerd, a geek, a fan, maven or other so called lable if you are into the things in your life you are passionate about. Thats the key to being a complete Nyrd...

Being Passionate... whether its horror films or comics, Science Fiction films or tv shows it's nerdom. Fantasy Geeks or a Sports fan? or even a 40's or 50's black and white film buff? Like Computers? think Skynet is a good idea? It doesnt matter! You, dear human organism are a nerd, a geek.

If you are into Dr. Who or Dr Grey or Dr. Karev but not a fan of Star Trek's Mr Spock or a Star Wars scruffy nerf herder or vice a versa it doesn't make a difference. What matters is that YOU CARE about what you love. Even the tree huggin, sandal wearin bunny lovin' vegans are nyrds in their Hippie, Hipster own rights!

Car guys or gals, horse folk, dolphin lovers, unicorn caretakers, outdoor sportsmen, and women divers, fishermen are all NYRDS!!!

Politicos? sure! they are some of the biggest nerds whether a democrat or re-publican or tea party they are polinerds. Have to watch police shows? Love doctor shows? What about those walking dead folks who love zombies? Heck even bandkids are nerds and they can be some of the nerdiest nerds the whole music scene from high school marching bands to home recording artist to multi-million dollar artist are pure musical nerdyness.

YUP sure! All nerds too and we love ALL of it and especially you! What we dont dig is hate and fear or violence, rascism, sexism, anything that promotes ill feelings against someone else and since its our site we make the rules see?

Our Main Categories

Music T's

Music T's
Music related T-shirts for guitarists, drummers, bass pl;ayers, even marshing band nerds

Sci Fi T's

Sci Fi T's
Beam Me up danger will robinson the day the earth stood still all sci fi show your extraterrestrial love

Meme Wear

Meme Wear
Pithy topical sayings that let everyone know you know they know that you know

Gaming T's

Gaming T's
T-Shirts for your inner and outer gamer no matter if you are a PC, or Console gamer these shirts are for you

Celebrity T's

Celebrity T's
Famous people we love emblazoned on a great shirt one day your face could be here too! If you are a celebrity,,,

Fantasy T's

Fantasy T's
Knights, dragons, maidens, trolls, elves what ever your heart fantasizes we will have it here

Animal T's

Animal T's
Shirts for you not your pet to show the world you love animals dogs, cats, dolphins, horses.

True sci-ENCE

True sci-ENCE
PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPads or even a sound board we are talking the building blocks of the known discovered universe here. Put the tools away when you are done.

Limited Runs?, Timed Campaigns? WTH?

I Know I Know... There are several t-shirts sites who do this maybe you even bought from a couple? But I promise you there is no one quite like Nyrdgasm!

Our Limited Runs
. is a hot design that we will only sell a finite number of shirts. Usually 1000 (sometimes we might even have a super limited run of 500) Once we have sold all product on a limited run that design is retired from sale.

All our limited runs come with a certificate telling you exactly which number you have out of the limited run

Print Quality
We use a top notch print service to ensure our quality is the best it can be and can print small to large orders quickly. So order just 1 shirt or even 2 dozen or even 10 cases.

A "Timed" campaign
Is something we won't ever do.

You have seen the ads: "buy now" "only a few left" and you go to their website usually from Facebook there is a timer or amount sold counting down. If you leave and come back 10 days later their timer is still on just 2 hours left... Yeah... ...Thats not us.

Guest Artist Designs
We are designers ourselves, illustrators, photographers, sketch artists too and we have artsy fartsy friends (might even be you and we might not know you yet!) Upload your design get it printed and use for your own event: a wedding, or graduation, dances, outings, group events. You can even submit your original art to us to see if it works for our site you can become a guest featured artist like Debbie MacLeod and Michelle Roberts and have us sell your designs from our site. The selection process is tough and we are looking for edgy, topical, original art and artworks

More Details on Guest Artist and Featured Guest Artist submissions
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