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Canada Rocks!

Canada Rocks Drummer Tshirt

Ive lived there and I can tell you the people rock! The cities rock! the food rocks the language rocks the hockey rocks! the whole country just rocks! Here are 4 variants to show you that Canada’s music rocks! Think RUSH and several others including Celine Dion heck even Jim Carrey is Canadian and he certainly rocks! Bass, Female Vox, Male Vox and drummer variants pick one and show your friends you rock Canada Style Since Canada gets cold we are offering this on a white heavy fleece sweat shirt and a white 100 cotton white t-shirt so buy one of each for summer and winter!!! Hand: 1 meaning you wont feel the print thats how DTG rocks

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Suomi Rokkaa (Finland Rocks)

Suomi Rokkaa Kitaren

One of my first customers was a buddy from Finland who plays guitar, keys, drums and is just a very very cool cat (Hi Jarno!) Since meeting Juno on twitter and working together on music projects (Check out the Blues track Sleepless we did here) I’ve been learning Finnish or Suomalainen and learning about the amazing country of Finland (Suomi) and it occured to me that Finland and its people ROCK! so here is the Suomi Rokkaa or Finland Rocks Tshirts in guitar player and drummer variants. So whether you are of Finnish decent, or live in Finland or are a Suomiphile like myself or even if you are just into music and want a killer tshirt this one I believe, is the one to get. 100% Cotton T on white sizes thru 6XL Hand: 1 so soft it feels…

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Release Your Inner Clown

Release Your Inner Clown Art By Kinetic

Steven Kings IT? Never saw it… Killer Klowns From Outer Space Uh uh I won’t watch it. All those memes with the clown in the sewer? I scroll right past, but even I, was not strong enough to resist their sway and while working on the 3d Animated music video for The Nigel Purcell Trio’s song “Clowns of the Apocalypse” I decided to do a t-shirt and this is what I came up with. Be the funny guy at the party and walk in with this on and people will be talking to you all night long or trying to save your soul. 100% cotton sizes thru 6XL Marroon Color Shirts only Hand: 3 can feel the print slightly after a few washes it drops to a 2

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No Excuses Rock N Roll

No Excuses Rock n Roll

Ahhh vinyl the smell of the poly vinyl chloride, the wax as they call it. An almost forgotton format but No Excuses (hard rock from Bradenton FL.) loves their vinyl. so this t-shirt design is reminiscent of the vinyl logos of yesteryear with a distressed rough graphic design. This tshirt lets folks know you are a rock and roll nerd as well as a fan of No Excuses! Port & Co. 100% cotton tees with sizes thru 6XL Hand: 1 (you wont be able to feel the print thru the shirt)

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Worry About Scoreggiare

Tutto quello che fare e preoccuparti di scoreggiare in italian literally means All you have to worry about is farting spoken on a famous 7 season long sit com we wear it as a warning… DTG printed on white Porter and Co. 100% cotton t-shirt with sizes thru 6XL Hand rating: 1 (Can’t feel the print)

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No Excuses Bradenton Florida Skull

No Excuses Bradenton Fl. Gator Skull - Maroon

3 guys From Chicago 1 from southern Virginia and 1 from, well we aren’t sure where Doug is from (Even he isnt sure… We think he’s a android from the future) now all 5 on the west coast of Florida – No Excuses performs as a band that melts your face off with hard hitting rock n roll with the electricfying lead guitar from Jerry Wizard Fingers Bohannon, the throbbing grooveness from Dr Doug Dodson on bass, pounding beats from Bam Bam Bellino on the skinz, while Denny Ferguson keeps the boys honest with his driving rhythm guitar and vocals and  with the amazing Tim “Z-Man” Zeman ripping the heavens apart with his pure rock vocals. It doesnt rock any harder than these guys and if you are priveldged enough to reside or vacation in Florida, you cant miss these hard hitters. Show up to a show at Peggy’s Corral wearin…

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Groove Scoundrels OFFICIAL T

Groove Scoundrels Official Logo T in White

Groove Scoundrels OFFICIAL Logo T shirt. Show your support of this killer band by buying and showing off your love of the Groove with one of these super comfy Porter and Cable Tshirts with the Groove Scoundrels Logo. 100% ringspun cotton for great and light weight fit. Hell Yeah we are ecstatic to present the official Groove Scoundrels OFFICIAL logo T So move your butt and dig dig?

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