Nyrdgasm Artist Submission Agreement

By clicking “submit”, you agree that…

All material you provide is original work and owned by you. It is not subject to any third party copyright or rights holder, including any original material that may have been used within your work. You agree that that you have full power and authority to submit the artwork.

And we (Nyrdgasm.Com) guarantee that…

We will hold your work in the highest regard, and will not intentionally alter your artistic voice or the meaning of your artwork. We’ll always identify you as the author of the work.

Should we select your work for publication, you will grant us with…

A non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to use this artwork in print and digital formats.

Of course. It’s your artwork and we want you to use it, share it, and run wild with it. Also, it’s a license. We’re not asking for your copyright — that’s yours to keep.

Royalty Free, Worldwide Rights in Print and Digital Form:
We’re building this website like a series of books that we plan to reprint for years to come and want to make sure we have the ability to include your artwork in it for every reprint. You’ll provide us with the royalty free, worldwide digital and print rights in perpetuity, which will ensure that we will be able to continue to bring your art to nyrds around the globe for all eternity — which is a very long time. We’ll have the irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide right to reproduce, distribute, sell, display, and license the work, or any part of the work, as published in DANIELLE Magazine, either on its own, with other materials, or in any other new publications we create.

Payment if we sell items containing your works

We meaning Nyrdgasm.Com agree to pay you the artist 25% of the profits excluding the cost to print and ship items to our customers for each item we sell on this website that includes your works of art. This does not constitute an agreement of employment but rather a contractor or freelance basis and you are not part of or own any part of Nyrdgasm.com.

How you get paid

When a item containing your works of art is sold and we collect the money we will pay you via paypal or by check you remain responsible for any income tax owed if any to your state and federal governments.

Derivative Works:
To maintain the overall voice of our brand, we may alter your work to fit within the confines of the website and/or website layout. Multimedia is a rapidly changing landscape, thus, you’re granting us the rights to adapt, edit, modify, translate, create derivative works based upon, and otherwise use the content or any portion of the work, in any manner, form, media, or technology in the present or future.

Right to Publicize:
We’ll be promoting Nyrdgasm.com across a variety of outlets. You’re granting us the perpetual and irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide right to use the Work to promote and publicize Nyrdgasm.com and all our other publications, as well as perpetual and irrevocable, non-exclusive right to use your name, likeness and biography in connection with our advertising, publicity, and promotion of the magazine and any other publications.

A few more nitty gritty details:

If you haven’t obtained any required model or property releases to publish the work, you agree to indemnify Nyrdgasm.com against any damages, liabilities, and expenses. Should a third party come to you with a claim on the work, you agree to provide us with comparable licensed material at no cost to us. The replacement work will be subject to the same conditions we’ve outlined in this agreement.

Electronic Storage:
For anything you deliver in electronic form, we promise to keep the bad guys out by maintaining the highest level of security when it comes to storing your work.

Condition of Licensed Material:
You’ll deliver the work free of any defects (digital or otherwise), so we can be sure that it will look its best in both print and digital form.

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