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Name That NyrdAs Nerds of all walks of life, we share some things in common. One of those is the love of schwag, free schwag, freebies, and giveaways; if it’s nerdy, and it’s free, we are THERE!!! As a new website, our Chief Nyrd has mandated that we come up with a contest for the grand opening, and what better than a ‘Name that Nyrd’ contest?

The rules are simple: submit the form with your name and email, and a name that you think we should use for our nerdy fellow to the right. Keep it clean, definitely be clever and funny, and you’ll be sure to trounce the other nyrds vying for the nifty schwag we have in store for the winner: a t-shirt with our lad emblazoned for all to see stating “I was named ______ By “your name here” “, where ‘your name here’ is actually your name (yes your name). You will also receive a custom t-shirt, plus a special coupon code that gives you and your friends 20% off all of our products.

So put your naming hat on, and think up something nerdy to name our young lad! 1 entry per user, per email. IPs are tracked and our security dolphins are watching closely to ensure no cheating. Not that you would, mind you, but you never know with some people: they just gotta try; and if we find out, their entry is tossed on the bin heap of shame.

This contest runs for 2 weeks from JUly 15th (Nyrd Launch) thru to JUly 29th and the winner will be picked and displayed for all to see on JUly 31st The winner will be notified via email,

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