Become a Nyrdiliate (Affiliate) Agreement

You need to be a registered and logged in to apply for Nyrdiliate status you dont think we just let ANYONE represent us Nyrds now do you?

Want to learn about this opportunity but arent ready to apply or create an account yet? Ok read on then!

Does it cost anything to join your site or become a Nyrdiliate Affiliate?

No it doesnt and we keep strict guard of your information as well. How many other sites can make that claim and actually mean it???

Do you have a mimnimum payout before I can get my cash I’ve earned from being a Nyrdiliate Affiliate?

Nope we pay once a month to all our Nyrdiliates for the previous calendar month of earned commissions. pretty cool huh?

What is your commission rate?

We pay you 12.5% for each order that came to us via your affiliate URL this does not include the shipping or tax cost associated with the order only the actual amount of goods in the cart.

What is your view on fraudsters, spammers, link baiters, parasitic sites etc?

Dont like ’em no sir dont like ’em one bit and if we catch you abusing our affiliate system or our site, our business name or business model we will make it our personal mission to hunt you down and then flay you alive in front of all our other respectable Nyrdiliates…Seriously though we will make your life hell by sicking our very powerful attorneys on you. and we WILL enjoy it! So don’t even try! It is much cooler if you just pitch in and drive qualified traffic to us and make a few bucks.

Made it all the way down here? you know you want to….

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Once you have registered with the site and logged in click the Affiliates link at the top it will direct you back to this page and the registration form and Nyrdiliate Affiliate Agreement will be visible to you.

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