#FuckTrump International

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This shirt will make many laugh and some scowl but either side of the fence you cant doubt that DJT had it coming our hats off to Mr De Niro!

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Mr De Niro wasnt the first to say it nor will he be the last, but he did say it on stage, during an awards show and even tho the President called him punch drunk from too many boxing matches in movies Mr De Niro went on to apologize not to President Trump but to Canada. We think that is as about as classy and cool as it gets. So we decided to ride on the coat tails of social media and give the world the chance to speak their mind about the imbecile american president so we created this tshirt with the word “Fuck” in as many langages as we could find. Now we usually dont get political but this was too good to pass up. If you find this offensive please direct your remarks to Mr De Niro

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