Stop Code: What_No_Coffee?


Your computer quit on you AND you are out of coffee? We feel your pain.

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You have to be a windows user to know the pain, well Macs do have the spinning beach ball of doom… hmmmm I need to design a t-shirt for that too… When Coffee culture, computer culture, caffeine, and late nights coding, cramming, or blasting millions of zombies running out of coffee or getting a nasty BSOD and YOU ARE OUT OF COFFEE!!! right in the middle of it all down right suxors. Now here’s a shirt to let others know of your pain and provide you with blessed coffee.

To those of you who came here because of the QR code (yes, thats what they are called.) I say the person who was wearing the shirt that you snapped the the code from is pretty dang cool and probably is looking for coffee and friends to share coffee with just buy a shirt and meet up with him or her while you are waiting for the shirt to arrive. they say misery loves company 😉 If that was you thank you for buying this shirt and keeping me in coffee!

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